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Hi, I’m Adam Glezer.

During my uni holidays, I landed a job working door-to-door sales. Within a short period of time, I'd left uni and was running a large sales team. Fast forward a few years, I became the National Sales Manager and a shareholder at I was more recently working on a new business with an old school friend, which was put on hold since COVID-19.

​My pet hate is seeing the big corporates taking advantage of the 'little guy.' When my wife and I had a bad experience with our travel agent as a result of COVID-19, I figured this would be affecting thousands of Australians; I was right. I now run multiple Facebook groups that act as a community for consumers to help each other with their refund issues. I also assist many members individually to secure their refunds.

​My team and I are currently pushing for greater consumer protection measures in Australia. I have also worked with the media to bring attention to these issues, and have been liaising with the Consumer Action Law Centre, Choice and several federal politicians to push our agenda.

​I was honoured to be nominated in the Newscorp Thanks a Million Campaign in 2021 for my work as a Consumer Advocate. 

I'm the father of a five-year-old (he tends to keep me quite busy!). In my spare time, I enjoy nights out with my friends and I'm a sports nut. Go Dees!

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